Sunday, May 31, 2009

We made a wedding website!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Will I ever find a job that I absolutely love all of the time? I guess that's not really realistic... But I still wish I could. Working with kids is super tiring. And maybe a 'real' full-time job would be better. But I get discouraged and think that I'll never actually get to do what I want to do. That's a silly thought, though, because I have absolutely no idea what I actually want to do!

I am so thankful that I have a job (for the summer), and my coworkers seem nice and the babies are adorable... And I am really glad that I'm living where I'm living, with the girls that I'm living with. It's good, and the apartment has a beautiful view that makes me feel like I'm flying when I sit in my living room. And David is still right across the street.

And it's summer!!! Which is wonderful.

So I am thankful and happy to be where I am. I just feel like I'm in such a transitional period (different job, home, roommates in two-ish months...), and that's hard sometimes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love this picture, and the woman who took it, and the man in it with me.

Time with family, David, Jenny, roommates (new and old!), and friends has been amazing. I'm almost actually ready to start working tomorrow...

Friday, May 8, 2009


Best birthday flowers I ever had.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No big deal...

No big deal... I just turned in my last two assignments. Ever! It's so crazy.

Saw the new apartment... I'll live there for three months or so... And then onto another. And then another a few months after that. I am thankful for a place to lay my head, but I just wish I wasn't so transient in this time. Things are completely uncertain for the fall...

No matter how terrified I am at times of what is coming after January 1, I just wish it would get here. I don't want to move three times in the next eight months. I want to live in our apartment, together.

Change is still scary. But I am anxious for this season to pass. For my parents to get here, to celebrate graduation with those I love most, to have a week of relaxation. In a hammock.

To see old friends and new, and to start working again. To make money and save it, instead of spending it all away.

And I'm almost 22. I keep forgetting. I guess 22 is old enough, but my brain is too full today to process that in addition to everything else.