Thursday, August 21, 2008

colorful colorado

i'm back in colorado. it's sunny and rainy, and i love it. i'm coming to terms with my fickle personality... desperately crave time alone, independence... i love it during the day. but then once the sun sets, my heart grows lonely and i miss my family. i'm thankful for the people in my life that during those times talk to me, let me just sit with them. somehow it's better to sit with someone, doing the same things that i would be doing alone.

i'm getting my vacation right now. three-ish days of no concrete plans... there are many things i could be doing, but nothing that is imminent.

i get up when i wake up, make fruity surprise oatmeal and a pot of coffee, and sit on my porch either reading, enjoying the silence and huge tree, or spying on campus.

laura and i found a farmer's market in golden that happens every saturday morning... new tradition! it's right by the river... and i can get my weekly strawberry fix :)

i also love free things.