Monday, August 17, 2009

Life, again.

So I'm home again, where I love being. Even though there are so many people that I love and miss in California, Colorado is definitely my home now. I love being able to see the mountains... They ground me. I love the storms that roll in in the evenings... I love our little church, his new apartment, my garden-level apartment that is overrun with giant bugs (and is spacious and quiet and wonderful)... I love this new coffee shop that belongs in Europe... Yeah. This is good.

There was a wedding shower on Saturday, and it was great. I felt loved and blessed, and am so excited for more times like those.

I'm being productive and telling myself that I'm on an extended vacation. If I look at unemployment that way, and know that I won't run out of money before I can find a job, then I'll be okay. Hopefully I don't get used to this lazy lifestyle... But it's good for now.