Sunday, September 28, 2008

jon foreman... on repeat.

Heavenly FatherYou always amaze meLet Your kingdom come in my worldAnd in my lifeGive me the food I needTo live through todayForgive me as I forgiveThe people that wrong meLead me far from temptationDeliver me from the evil oneI look out the windowThe birds are composingNot a note is out of tuneOr out of placeI walk to the meadowAnd stare at the flowersBetter dressed than any girlOn her wedding daySo why should I worry?Why do I freak out?God knows what I needYou know what I need!Your love isYour love isYour love is strongThe kingdom of the heavensIs now advancingInvade my heartInvade this broken townThe kingdom of the heavensIs buried treasureWould you sell yourselfTo buy the one you've foundTwo things you told meThat you are strongAnd you love meYes, you love meYour love isYour love isYour love is strongYour love isYour love isYour love is strongOur God in HeavenHallowed be Thy nameAbove all namesYour kingdom comeYour will be doneOn earth as it is in HeavenGive us, today, our daily breadForgive us weary sinnersKeep us far from our vicesAnd deliver us from these prisons