Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can hardly believe that there are only three weeks left... It's crazy!

But yeah, life is great. I love my job - I even get to stay there longer than I originally thought! There might be a position opening up that I can apply for, as well. Our church is amazing - we've become part of the core team, and are in a new house church together! I'm in a girls' group as well, which is amazing... We're moving to a bigger building to accommodate for our growing community, and we even have kids in the children's ministry! I get to marry the most amazing man, and move into this adorable apartment (though it is kind of cold and smells like weed and cigarettes...)! I love Colorado, even when it's 0 degrees outside and I can't get warm... Our friends are here, my new family-in-law, my job, our church.... It's amazing.