Saturday, July 26, 2008

it's like a smalltown around here.

i love this.

i love strolling through farmer's market every thursday with friends and family, downing free samples of fruit and delicious treats, haggling for organic strawberries, and buying cheap flowers from isaac.

i love buying strawberries from gerardo at the side of the road on saturday afternoons. (because yes, i have already finished those six baskets of strawberries that i bought two days ago)

i love sitting at canyon coffee and watching everyone on the street greet each other.

i love anticipation. adventures. spontaneity. naps in the middle of the day. rethinking the thoughts that have been the norm for 21 years. thinking for myself.

i love discovering someone. continuing to discover him over three continents and many months. and that's just so far. i love exploring the world with him.

i love that this summer, my parents have been married for 25 years and my grandparents for 50. i have a lot to live up to.

i love that i got to go to africa. and no matter how hard it was, i still am so thankful for all that i experienced and learned. i want to go back, for longer.

i love that i've had the opportunity to travel already. that i've already experienced so much. i love that i'm already looking forward to the next one... but don't worry mom, i'll settle sometime. ...maybe...

i love reading books. books that i want to read, that aren't for class. but i love that most of the books i read for classes are interesting.

i love that i have one more year of college. wow, what's next?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i'm in california. i'm sorry it's been so long since i updated, but life is crazy. full of surprises and dreams and disappointments and excitement.

uganda was... well, i guess just ask me sometime. maybe i'll post pictures to describe it. sometimes it's too hard to use words.

life changes. ups and downs and all-arounds... i'm just glad i get to work with kids that occupy nine hours of my day.

don't worry, i'll post more soon.