Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tornados and working like an adult.

We've been having thunderstorms (and tornado watches!) every day here for the past few weeks. Welcome to life outside of California, I guess! This is the first summer that I have ever spent away from home, and it's good for me. I miss home, and Swim & Gym, and my friends, and family, and farmer's markets, and everything. But I love this place and these people, and I'm really content for once. I'm totally in transition, and just want to be married and move into the most amazing apartment ever (provided we actually get it!), but I'm thankful that I am where I am. These roommates are good, as are the friends that live a short bike ride away, and the fact that David is across the street is great too. And though my job isn't my favorite, it's a job and I'm learning a lot. Strangely enough.

I love the weekends, and garage sales and the farmer's market (that has one fruit stand. ONE!). And riding my bike, and smiling. And cuddling, and planning this big party that's happening in January (the 2nd, to be precise!). And hearing Spanish spoken all day, and learning how to raise a baby, and letting my pride fall by the wayside. And learning that it's okay to work just to work, and to be thankful that I have a job that pays above minimum wage.

And I bought David's computer (with my graduation money!), and it's beautiful. Hurray! I'm optimistic about life, and it's not even Friday yet!

And Samuel is coming in one week, and I'm so excited. We're going to have so many adventures!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


In all the craziness of finals, graduation, visits from people that I love, wedding planning, a new job, it seems that I've forgotten my dreams. I feel stuck in this place, in this job and time. And I'm not happy about that. But a visit from one of my dear old roommates yesterday rekindled in me some dreams.

So I will work on remembering who I am, why I am, and that I can work just to pay off my loans and save some money so we can GO.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bought the dress today.

Is January 2 here yet?

Monday, June 1, 2009


I can't wait to be married.

On a slightly different note, I was asked today why David and I aren't living together. My coworker could hardly believe it. Clearly it's the best choice - you get to know each other before you get married (like, how he squeezes the toothpaste tube. It could be really annoying!), you have a roommate/cheaper rent, you don't make a huge mistake by marrying someone that you couldn't live with... e t c, e t c.

That makes me sad - that it's a normal thing. The thought never even crossed my mind. But my roommates (the two other engaged ones) have been getting the same questions lately. I'm glad we're not living together - it means I get to live with great friends for the time being! And I can't wait to be married, but that will come when it comes (seven months from tomorrow).

I'm reading a great book - but I don't remember what it's called right now. It's about Saddam Hussein's pilot's daughter. It's by her, and about her. So interesting. Thanks to my mom's amazing garage sale skills, that book is in my possession, along with a coffee table book by the same woman. Amazing.